Monday, April 8, 2013

Wind + Univega = Bad Idea

It's Monday. My lean and mean program requires me to ride my bike to work on Mondays.  I have two bike options. A Giant Seek that is fast and smooth.  However, I need  a new seat post. So I rode bike number two, my 25 year old univega that was my college graduation present from my Mom.  I recently had it cleaned up and upgraded a bit.  But all the tweaks in the world won't change the fact that this steel bike weighs a fricking ton. It's no speed machine.

Well, little did I know that today was going to be a windy day. Real windy.  So riding in today on the univega, I faced a massive headwind almost all the way. Normally, I can do the commute in about 50 minutes. It's ten miles and I do it at a leisurely pace.  Well today it took over an hour and a half, what with the wind and all. It was a job making it to work. A jogger even passed me at one point. I am really hoping that going home the wind hasn't switched direction. If it stays as it is now, I'll be home in half an hour, easy. Fingers crossed.  I suppose the upside to all this, is that I rode in, it was difficult and I'm no worse for the wear.   Below you will find a picture of the old tank/univega.

I did lab work on Saturday. Basic blood work...CMP and CBC.  Got some results this morning.  White blood cell count is great; 5.0. Hemoglobin is a little low; 9.4. So I'll get a procrit shot Thursday after I wrap up chemo.  Creatinin is 3.87. That's still good, but I had visions of being under 3.  So I'm a little disappointed. But it is all about trends and the trend is heading in the right direction.  Plus, as long as that number doesn't go up significantly, it means we still have control of the myeloma and the protein it produces.  There is a possibility that scar tissue on my kidneys means this is the best I will get. But I don't believe that.  Chemo, exercise, eating right and acupuncture will bring those things back to a healthy number.  There!!! That's my self directed pep talk for the day.

Also note that tomorrow is April 9. It's my Mom's birthday.  It's also my half birthday; six months after October 9, my birthday.  I've always liked to do a little celebration for the half birthday.  But I'm a little torn on how momentous it is now, given May 2 is my re-birth day.  May 2 is diagnosis day and it'll be two years in a couple of weeks. It feels like a re-birth. So I wonder if it's a little self centered to celebrate the half birthday and the re-birthday. Hmmm. Something to ponder.

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  1. I say celebrate it all. My birthday events usually go a week or more. You could celebrate my birthday also.
    Love, Mom


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