Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So when I was first diagnosed, I thought for sure I'd lose my hair.  Thus I decided I'd cut it all off in preparation.  Matt Arms even had a hair shaving/cutting party, where some co-workers, in solidarity, all cut their hair off as well. I ended up not losing my hair. I've kept it all through my various chemo treatments, drug mixes, etc, etc.  The funny thing is that I now have almost zero hair on my legs. They are smooth as all can be.  Since then I've either kept cutting my hair super short or I let it grow till I have a mullet, at which point it all gets cut off.

I've needed it cut lately.  But this time, we didn't want to just cut it all off.  Instead I went to an old school barber shop; except the old school shop is really a hipster, wanna be old school shop.  The only cool thing about the shop is they give you a beer, PBR, when you walk in.  Proving their bonafides as a hipster spot.  However, that was the only cool thing about the shop. I told them what I wanted and they did the exact opposite.  And of course I don't get to see it until it is too late.  Anyhow, I've always had a bit of anxiety with haircuts.  My program of just cutting it all off for the past two years was working pretty well. No anxiety, it's just cutting the hair with trimmers (number 7).  But coming to work today, I had a little bit of the apprehension about showing up with the new cut and and super white skin showing where hair had once been.  It's like back in elementary school days, where kids make fun of you for anything.  However, so far today, the cut is being well received.  I'm still not a fan of it, but I guess it will do.  And the upshot is I still have hair.  I'm 51 on top of all this, so if you put aside the cancer, you'd think I'd be losing it, but nope.  Although, writing this post has probably just jinxed the whole thing and when I wake up tomorrow, I could be bald.

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