Saturday, April 20, 2013


Like everybody, I was riveted to the news yesterday as they chased down the remaining Boston Marathon bomber. My thoughts were with the families impacted by this horrific event.  The swiftness with the unfolding of events all week is amazing.

As I've said before, I have developed a circle of friends..fellow myeloma patients....from Twitter.  These friends serve as a cheering and support group. It's really powerful and really helpful.  One such new friend is Amy.  She was on a Cure Talk Panel with me a couple of months ago.  Last week she went to Boston with her husband and two young sons to celebrate her one year transplantaversary.  She was celebrating her rebirthday. One year since her stem cell transplant.  Very momentous.  They went to the Boston Marathon to cap off the celebratory weekend.  I thought about posting her telling of the event here, it's horrifying and chilling.  But instead, I'll just say that her and her family were all injured by the second bomb. They were right at the location of the second bomb. After being separated and a frantic trip to the emergency room, they made it home.  But I can't imagine what they were thinking yesterday as the news unfolded.  I feel so bad, so helpless for Amy and her family. I can only imagine how long the trauma will stick with them, with her kids and with her. They were there to celebrate life.  She was there to celebrate her winning fight against cancer.  It makes everything else seem so insignificant.  Let's all send positive thoughts to Amy, her family and all people impacted by this terrible event.

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