Friday, January 4, 2013

Kidney Doctor Visit

We saw Dr Levine today.  Only see him every couple of months. But today we went in hoping for changes, given my continued improvement of the kidneys. And....Yes! I can add alternative sources of protein to the mix. Nuts and beans can replace meat. We need to watch my phosphorus intake because that can strain the kidneys and the bones, by pulling calcium into the organ.(I think) (Note: Levine gave me a kidney book to read, so I can get my facts correct) Nuts and beans have phosphorus, but I am already taking a medicine that clears phosphorus and if I watch the numbers on what I eat, I should be ok. We also reduced the amount of sodium citrate that I take. It's a nasty tasting liquid that I take after each meal. Now I can just take it after two meals.  Great news all the way around. We'll see Levine again in two months.

Levine is at Cedars Sinai, so we had lunch in LA today, El Cholo. Awesome food. We also wore our purple today.And we also visited one of Phan's ex nurses, who now works at Cedars.

Did basic blood work at Levine's today (CMP and CBC). Should get results Monday and that will show my blood count and creatinin level. If my hemoglobin is too low, then it's procrit shot time. But haven't had one in several weeks. Although with chemo yesterday, my count could be low. We shall see.

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