Friday, January 4, 2013

Here It Is

Insomnia. Welcome back. Seems like quite a while since my last treatment.  But it was back to chemo yesterday and insomnia tonight. I worked out last night because I couldn't sit still. So glad I have the elliptical at home.  Been watching a lot of ESPN's 30 for 30 documentaries while I work out. ESPN can be annoying at times (see Chris Berman), but the 30 for 30 films are awesome.
Today coming up, we drive up to Cedars to see my kidney doctor. I'm hoping for two traffic and a relaxation on my diet restrictions. Fingers crossed. It's about a 40 mile drive and can be smooth at times and real congested other times. Given my potential roid rage, I want it to be smooth. Hopefully with it being a holiday week, it'll be light. Maybe I'll have Leslie drive.

It's Purple Friday again. Vikings take on the Packers again. Saturday night. So flipping excited, which often is the precursor to disappointment. Not this year though. It's a special, magical year!

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