Monday, March 19, 2012


Success, I did it. Took my first plane trip in a year. I was real paranoid about the security process; I have liquid meds and a port a cath that I thought might set off securtiy.  So I had a doctor's note, copies of prescriptions and information on the port a cath. I was prepared. But I didn't need any of it. At LA, they simply asked about the liquid and I said it was medicine. On the way home from Tucson,  it was the same thing, but in that case they wanded the medicine to see if it might be explosive.  And there were no issues with the port a cath, I walked right through security.  It was great getting out of town and seeing friends. I felt like it was a big step in working towards leading a normal life again.  And now I know I can do it.

One little side note, driving home from the airport I got a flat on the 405 freeway.  I managed to get off the freeway and called AAA, but that tire was shredded. I know I need new tires, but to have one blow right on the freeway....not expected. But even that was ok, I dealt with it and got home. Another step in leading a somewhat normal life.

Back to chemo this week....Tuesday and Friday. Feeling good.

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