Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Time

It was back to chemo today. Talked a little bit with Dr Phan about potentially moving to maintenance. He isn't against it but we'll get in to details Friday. We also discussed doing a bone marrow biopsy and perhaps a bone scan. Neiher is really necessary, but I am kind of curious about how I am looking. Chemo was fine. I got a heavy dose of benadryl, so I napped most of the afternoon....been a while since I had a multi hour nap. But now it's 11 pm and the benadryl has worn off and I'm impacted by the heavy steroids I get....i.e. I can't sleep.

I also talked to Phan about his new ipad 3. He loves it, he's a bit of a technogeek and is a big fan of apple. He's a funny guy and an amazing doctor. I can't say enough about how lucky I was to get him as my oncologist. It was totally random, he just happened to be the doctor on duty when I was first hospitalized before my diagnosis. His whole office and nurses are fantastic, and I view them almost as family now.

I am feeling really good and super happy with life & my progress. Which is why it's time. It's time to get back to the gym. It's time to ride to work again. It's alway time to keep doing all the things that have helped me get so much better. Minimal artifical sugar (equal you know who you are), continue with acupuncture, continue positive thinking, continue eating right.

This myeloma might always be with me, but we are regaining control and I can live with that.

My brother, Seth, is in town tomorrow for work and I'll have dinner with him tomorrow night.

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