Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Finished up cycle 3 yesterday. It was just velcade, which I've handled pretty well. But yesterday it kind of tuckered me out and left me with a little bit of an upset stomach. Nothing that a long nap and anti-nausea pill can't take care of.  July 5 we start cycle 4, with a dose of Doxil on July 8. When we started this while process, we were aiming for 8 total cycles. So, wow, I'm almost half way there. I feel like something is working and happening.  Also of note is that there is a national shortage of Doxil, it's effectiveness and pharmaceutical greed make it tough to get a hold of. So Dr Phan is scrambling to get an order in this week, so none of his patients miss a treatment. He's pretty confident that he'll get it.

Leslie trimmed up my hair yesterday, so the mohawk is a bit more mohawk like.  Today I go back to work. I actually put in a lot of hours at home over the weekend. But today will be my first day in the office for almost a week, It's crazy how time flies.

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  1. I get a monthly news letter from the hospital I had worked at. It mentioned that some Chemo's will be hard to get, secondary to the pharmecutical shortage, vs increased cost, due to more Cancer cases. Those pharm reps need to get a clue!! It's not about the money, it's about the patient. I have always been a patient advocate. Sorry this is happening right now, yet your Oncologist ordered it in advance. You were meant to have it. Receive it, and be blessed!! good luck, sis.


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