Monday, June 27, 2011

Wrapping up Cycle Three

It's Monday and I have chemo today. This will end cycle 3. Next week we start cycle 4, including one day that has a dose of doxil. The Powerful Doxil!

I had a good weekend. Felt pretty good the whole time. I worked out a couple of times, ran errands, and hung out. We were going to trim up the mohawk but ran out of time.  Gracie decided she needs to bark a lot more doing the middle of the night and step on my head on occasion.  She was also scared by firecrackers at the park on Saturday morning, and hit the brakes and headed home. Yesterday it was all quiet at the park, but she refused to walk past it. Poor dog, she'll never want to go to the park again.

My uncle got a new harbor legal truck this weekend (well, a 2009). He bought it in Missouri and had a driver bring it here.  I'm pretty excited to see it, the new trucks are supposed to be pretty plush.

and that's my report.

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  1. Good to hear your feeling well. Gracie sure has a funny personality. She didn't get it from you. Hum, who else in the house could she have gotten these traits from?
    I stopped into Pouch and Puss on second street the other day. They have a calming tonic for furry ones now. Kind of a mild valium. And people safe. The girl behind the counter said she took a shot and it definitely took away any anxiety.


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