Monday, June 13, 2011


Sunday I took Gracie to the Seal Beach dog park. Jim and Penny picked us up and we met Jen, Paul & Mocha at the park.  Penny is a black lab who we rescued from Uncle Jan's truck yard in Wilmington almost exactly a year ago. Jim works for Blizzard Entertainment (makers of World of Warcraft, perhaps the most successful video game ever) and which has to have the best work environment I've ever heard of. Penny gets to go to work with Jim 2 or 3 days a week. How cool is that? Jen and Paul are friends from the port. Gracie and Mocha took an agility class together last year.

Gracie used to like dog parks, but now she really doesn't care. She loves other dogs and loves to play. But get her in a dog park and she just hovers by the gate, hoping to escape to the car. For while she hid behind a park bench. Weird. Then we get back to my house and she decides she wants to play with Penny started playing which she could have done at the dog park. They both decided to jump the wall in our front yard to scare the daylights out of a poor woman walking her dog.  I need to do some refresher training with Gracie. I'd say it's overdo. Part of the problem is that Gracie thinks she is a person and we've pretty much spoiled her and allowed it happen. Oops.

Which brings me to Meetings 4 Mutts.  This was an idea I had several months ago, as a way to raise awareness and funds for pet rescue groups and the need to spay & neuter your pets. I had some big ideas for M4M, but pretty much it took a lower priority when I started to get sick. So I haven't touched it in a couple of months (yes....that's what she said).  But for a while it was good way to give some meaning to the myriad of meetings that are a normal part of my daily job.

And to give a little plug to two of my favorite groups, check out the SPCALA and For the Love of Animals, which is where Gracie came from.

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