Monday, June 13, 2011


Started Cycle Three today. No Doxil today, we'll start that on Thursday.  My most recent lab reports were good. My blood count is up, to be expected with the transfusion. My kidneys have stabilized, not better, not worse. But starting Doxil on Thursday ought to whip those kidneys into shape.

I worked out this morning for the second day in a row and I've actually felt as good today as I've felt in a while. I also learned a real lesson (I can be a bit of a slow learner). If I keep myself vertical as opposed to horizontal, I get less fatigued and no headache.  Apparently giving in to fatigue simply leads to more fatigue. Exercise is also a good counter to fatigue. Man, I wish I could ride my bike to work. I miss it.

I've been off red meat and pork since last October, but today I woke up craving a hamburger. So I have to admit that after chemo, Leslie and I went and had a burger. It was pretty darn good. Sorry cows.

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