Saturday, January 28, 2023


 Yesterday was DarzalexFaspro. I'll say it again, it's a life changer. I was finding it nearly impossible to sit for 5 plus hours for the normal Darzalex infusion. Now I'm in and out in less than hour. Oh, Berenson had me drop Pomalyst. I had my first appointment with him in months this past week. My face has been recovering from a 5 day chemo peel. I get way too many squamous cell carcinomas. Skin cancer. Dr B saw my face and said we're dropping Pomalyst immediately. He said it causes skin cancer and he didn't want mine to progress to melanoma and eventually kill me. Sold. Bye bye Pomalyst. Fine with me, I was only taking 1 mg per day for 21 days. I will say that my body is so sensitive to all medicines nowadays, it doesn't take much to throw me off kilter. With Faspro I get a 3mg infusion of Dex. Not much. But it messes with my energy and emotional state massively. Fuck that stuff. Yes, today I have roid rage. Tomorrow I'll be tired and hate everything about myself. Fun, right. 

The good news is, my myeloma is stable. Kidneys are functioning. In May, it'll be 12 years since I was diagnosed. Really fucking miraculous. 12 years of flying by the seat of my pants and making good choices with my medical stuff The other stuff...meh. 

The bad news is the Vikings crapped out in round 1 of the playoffs. I was so in love with this team and had high hopes. But they exceeded all expectations and the future looks bright.

What else? That's it, I guess. Here's a couple of things to share:

Cure Magazine: Finding Our Purpose After Cancer  

My Face: 

A song I've been hearing a lot, still love it:

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  1. Matt, glad you are on the Dara Faspro. I've been on it 2.5 yrs. Never did the infusion, glad for that. It has been great for me. I stopped dex after about 7-8 months. So Dara alone now. Thank goodness! I had to stop the Rev a year ago because it was brutal on my blood counts. So far, the Dara alone is holding back the tide.

    Also, so sorry about the Vikings. I really thought this was going to be your year.


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