Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Interesting StoryTitled: Why I Lie About Being Disabled.

 It's been about three years since I retired/went on disability. I still hesitate when someone asks what I do. Or I lie, such as when the familiar check out person at the store asks if I'm on my way to work. I just say yes..ignoring the fact I might still be in my pajamas and half asleep. I worry if I say I don't work and I'm on disability, I'll get the pity look and "I'm sorry". And I worry that if I say I'm retired, I'll get "lucky you" or "wow, you're young, you must be loaded".  In fact, when I first stopped working, the office manager at Phan's office told me how lucky I was and they wished they could retire. I had just received a full dose of dex and I sternly let the person know that I'm not lucky and I'd gladly not have cancer and still be working. Yes...I called soon after to apologize. 

Anyhow, I found this story apropos:  Why I Lie About Being Disabled

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