Friday, March 8, 2019

Oh's my update

My monthly infusion was last week and I neglected to provide a post. To be perfectly honest, updating my status is so last year. I'm bored with it, tired of myeloma being my fricking focus and angry with how much it has changed my life. So, having shared that little secret, I can tell you:

- MRI of my neck and head were negative. My twitching continues, at a reduced rate, so it's likely drug caused and not neurological. Phew.
- Myeloma numbers are still great. Creatinine is in low 2s.
-I put on some holiday pounds but back on the program. 10 more pounds to go to get to the goal of 175.
-May 2 is 8 year anniversary of diagnosis. Suggestions for how to acknowledge/celebrate?

1 comment:

  1. Seriously the TRUTH Matt! Soooooooo over Myeloma owning me and my life. Like you, so over how much myeloma has changed my life...
    What are you stats! Can you post your good news! I want to see good news :))
    And your 8 year celebration.... hmmmm, plan for 8 amazing, inspiring, fun, meaningful things, or places, or events, or do just do 8 of your fave things. Or eat 8 of your fave things on your 8th anniversary!!!


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