Sunday, November 26, 2017

Skeletal Survey

My recent bone density test identified osteoporosis in my lower spine. -3, which means it's the real deal as far as I understand. My myeloma is under control and I haven't had any bone involvement from the disease. I'm kidney impacted. So the 6 and half years of steroids is the culprit for the weakening bones.  With these results, Phan wanted to do a full skeletal survey to see if there are any identifiable weaknesses or holes in my bones...and to make sure I have no lesions. Lesions are quite unlikely for the reasons stated above.  I've now done three skeletal surveys since being diagnosed.  Below are a couple of the xrays from the most recent survey. I have no idea if there is anything there or not. I'll see Phan in a week or two to review. Oh, note, lower back pain is minimal, although I can say on Kilimanjaro on day 5, it was pretty achy.  Also note that in the chest xray you can check out my power port.

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