Friday, March 3, 2017


I'm home. What an adventure. The following is a note I sent to folks via my donation page. It's a summary of the climb.

Dear friends and family,

I and the team are home safe and sound. Thanks to your generosity I raised over $16,000 and the team raised over a quarter of a million dollars. I knew the experience would be life changing and now that I've been home for 2 days I am beginning to be aware of how truly life changing the trip was. I've made friends who I'll be close with forever.

Physically and mentally it was a challenge like no other. I struggled on day 1, feeling like Katz in the book A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. Starting on day 2 and all the way to day 6 I improved and felt better each day and got into a real groove. On summit night we started our ascent at midnight, I got up to about 16,000 feet, but couldn't make it to the summit. Seemed like the right decision for me at the time. In hindsight, I am disappointed in myself for not pushing through the pain and negative thinking. I am also disappointed that I might have let down the team and all of you.

Nonetheless this was an amazing experience and we showed that cancer won't stop us from pursuing adventures and challenges. Today I am right back to chemo, adding to the processing taking place inside my head. But I feel great.

Again,a huge thank to you all. Your kind words and generosity were absolutely motivating and inspiring.


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