Saturday, January 30, 2016

Subtle Reminders

Tuesday was day 1 of the latest cycle of maintenance. The routine is the same. Insomnia Tuesday night. Wired Weds at work. A little tired Thursday and super tired by Friday. Yesterday I actually felt pretty good. Went to the gym in the morning. I feel like I'm in good shape and staying ahead of the chemo/cancer fatigue.  At work yesterday, I had a site visit with a whole bunch of folks. I had to usher them to an oil area in the heart of the port. Should of been a half hour quick visit. Instead it turned out to be 3 hours out there. 3 hours on my feet. And it wore me out. By the end of the day, I was beat. 3 hours doesn't seem like much, but given I was a couple of days removed from chemo, it made sense that I'd be tired. I forget sometimes what I'm dealing with. That's a good thing. But it was a subtle reminder that I still need to be mindful.  It's all good though.

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