Tuesday, September 15, 2015


That sound you hear is a bursting bubble. Every year I'm excited for the start of the football season and the Minnesota Vikings prospects. This year I've been more excited than usual. I think I'm more and more overwhelmed with how fast time is passing and how myeloma is a never ending battle... there are no seasons. And because of this, I get particularly focused on other non myeloma things. The Vikings for instance. Gracie and reality tv are a couple of other things. Anyhow, last night was Monday night football, week 1. The Vikings played and stunk up the joint. Such a disappointment.

Also of note, is that we raised nearly $500 from the pick em football league. Not bad. But I'll tell you this....I need a bigger event with more ooomphhh to raise some serious dough. Oh, after week 1, I finished 14th out of 19 teams. And both my fantasy football teams lost. I suck.

It's my off week from chemo, so I'm feeling good. I take revlimid at home on my off week and that gives me night time leg cramps. But other than that, all is A-ok.  My memory continues to worsen...chemobrain.

And that is all I got.

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