Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tom Brokaw on Dateline Thursday May 7 NBC 10 PM

Recall, a couple of years ago, I almost had my moment of fame. The show Inside Edition contacted me to see if I could come in and do an interview to discuss my experience with myeloma and what Tom Brokaw might be facing. He had just been diagnosed. Leslie and I went to their office/studio and I was filmed and interviewed. We let everyone we know that I was going to be on tv. And? They cut me out. Those Inside Edition bastards.  They had a 10 second clip of a phone interview with Berenson. I guess that is too be expected.  Last year when I was fund raising for Berenson's research institute, I did try to guilt the folks into donating, but they didn't fall for it.

Anyhow, Tom Brokaw has a new book out discussing his myeloma experience.  The way it's being portrayed by the press is that he's cured and that's why his book is out.  Tomorrow night, he'll do an interview on the news program Dateline on NBC. I'm a little torn. I don't really want to watch it, cause I'm concerned they will sugar coat what myeloma is really about. Hopefully Mr Brokaw will discuss the fact that myeloma is incurable. It's likely he'll relapse at some point. And that even being in remission doesn't mean you're not still taking meds and doing lab work and all that. If I can be's not fun. It sucks. It's a constant challenge. BUT it's manageable and treatment options have come a long way in recent years.

I'll watch the interview and I suppose I recommend we all watch.  But I'm watching with low expectations. We'll see.

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