Friday, April 10, 2015

Turning Bad into Good

You might have heard the recent story of Elizabeth Sedway, a multiple myeloma survivor, and her family getting removed from an Alaska Airlines flight because she indicated she sometimes get weak and needed extra time getting on the plane.  They were returning from a family vacation and after already being in their seats, they were taken off the plane, under the guise of the airline looking out for her well being. Alaska Air called a company called Medlink, talked for two minutes and over the phone decided that Elizabeth should not be allowed to fly home without a doctor's note. Since this incident, Alaska Air has released a couple of statements that do nothing but highlight how they completely overstepped.

The silver lining and most impressive thing is that Elizabeth, a UCLA graduate, and her family have been gracious and have taken the high road. They have used this opportunity to raise awareness of multiple myeloma and raise funds for research & support services via the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.  In fact Elizabeth has donated her refund from Alaska Air to the MMRF.  If you are so moved by this recent incident and the Sedway's response, below is a link to a donation page created on the MMRF website.  Thanks!

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