Saturday, September 6, 2014

Beer, fundraising, my new life

Yesterday I had my last day of this current chemo cycle.  Now I get a two week break. Just in the nick of time. It's time to let my body rest.  Folllowing chemo,  I came home took a nap and then headed up to West Hollywood ( 30 miles aka hour and half drive from home) for a fund raiser at a bar called the Surly Goat.  Shmaltz  Brewers (maker of He Brew and other beers) has a connection with myeloma and the Institute of Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research, Berenson's non profit. They've been doing these events across the country.  Let me say what a seemingly great job these beer reps have. They promote their beer, do events and get to laugh at their job.  Not a bad gig. Perhaps I've found my post port planning career. Anyhow, I went with Matt and he was my designated driver. Not that I got stinking drunk, but my tolerance is not what is used to be. What's also interesting is that Dr. Phan, a non drinker himself, has always told me not to drink. He says it supresses the bone marrow's blood making capabilities.  But Dr Berenson, when I saw him last week, wanted to make sure I was attending so I could have a beer with him.  And here's photographic evidence that Dr B is a real person.  He wore jeans and a plaid shirt, just like a regular guy. Like all things myeloma, different mind sets by medical professionals.  And that's my job, to sort it out. In this case I sorted it out by deciding a couple of beers or three is ok. I also decided that stopping at Canter's Deli on the way home for a black & white cookie was also ok. BUT, they were all out, so I settled for a backup cookie. Good, but not the same. And now, it's 4 am and my dex insomnia is kicking in.  Just as well, I'll go the gym soon. Sweat the beer out. Later today I am meeting some UCLA to watch today's game.  Today I might pass on the beer though.  And Sunday is the key day. Vikings first regular season game of they year. So excited!


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