Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July

Happy birthday U.S.A.  Also happy birthday John Waechter, one of my longest and bestest friends.  He lives in Tucson, Arizona and back in the day I'm make a trip to Tucson every year to celebrate his birthday and Uncle Sam's birthday.  It's been a while since I've done that. I miss it.  This weekend and this 4th of July my plan is to do not much of anything. How things have changed.  Now that's I'm coming out of the tunnel of June hell, I can honestly say that the past week might have the absolute toughest week that I've had in a while. To be clear, the cancer is stable. That's the number one concern.  Although, I'm getting more certain that Berenson might change my chemo mix soon. Ideally I'd love to go back to maintenance. Maintenance is a piece of cake and not at all an issue,  I started a new chemo cycle this week, so we'll see what my numbers look like later this month and then I'll consult with Dr B.

This week included days 1 and 4 of the Treanda chemo, continued recovery from surgery and work. I worked about half time this week and even that was a challenge.  I've become adept at focusing and compartmentalizing and doing what I need to do.  But it was a challenge these past few days.  I did find a secluded office, however, where I could lay down and regroup for 10 minutes. That got me through the week.  The good news is I made it through the week. I haven't had a Percocet aka percosweat, in over 24 hours so I'm getting better. Saw the surgeon Thursday.  He said I'm healing ok, but it's a long process.  His social skills aren't the best. But no infection, which was my concern, so each day is better.

Talked to Phan about getting my port put back in.  That will probably happen in the next week or two. Recall, I can only use my right arm for blood draws, for infusion, for anything. I had my port taken out when I was on maintenance and it's been so nice. The port means some restrictions on exercise that involves the shoulder so that kind of sucks. But it is so much easier for everything. Kind of looking forward to giving my arm a break.  Maybe some fellow patients have suggestions of how to work out the upper body, without potentially messing with the port. Thoughts anyone?

Lastly, it's one of my myeloma friend and mentor's birthday today as well.  That would be Brad. Here is his birthday post.   Feel free to read and tell Brad happy birthday!

Oh, one more last thing. Two days ago was month 38 since diagnosis. I totally forgot.  Cancer wise I'm doing good. Mentally and overall physically. I am bouncing back and getting stronger every day. Can't say the same for Nascar driver David Gilliland, a back of the pack driver who drives #38.

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