Saturday, January 4, 2014

Munira Premji. A Thoughtful Myeloma Patient

I've written a lot about the mental challenges of myeloma. It's always hanging over our heads. Is it coming back? Am I doing everything I can to fight its eventual return?  Am I surrounding myself with positivity? No easy task, any of these.  I came across Munira's blog the other day.  I suggest reading her post about her mindset and physical well being one year after her transplant. Even more enlightening is the video of her discussing her mental and emotional state since her diagnosis.  It's right on. Made me tear up a bit, but it left me smiling and ready to attack the world. Another myeloma patient with a winning attitude.

The blog:

The video:

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  1. Hi Matt! I just found your comment about my blog and wanted to let you know how touched I am by your comments. This past year, I was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer and am unergoing treatment for it. How are you doing? Where are you located? Sending you lots of green, healing energy!


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