Friday, September 6, 2013

Today's Berenson Visit. All Good

As folks might have been able to tell by recent posts, the last two weeks have had me a little nervous. I've been more tired and a little more achy recently.  I was worried that perhaps the myeloma was picking up the pace.  Today was Berenson. We reviewed my latest labs and everything is great. No real changes (aside from the continued kidney improvement) in my numbers.  We're still in a nice stable zone. My maintenance stays the same.  Carry on.

A couple of things.  We track my creatinin, monthly protein and upep (bad protein).  I asked Dr B about the M Spike today. I've noticed a lot of myeloma patients follow it.  So I am a bit curious on what it is. I didn't get an answer though. Berenson simply said I have kappa myeloma so the m spike isn't a relevant measure.

Also, I've read a couple of things lately about Alpha Lipioc Acid, which I take daily to minimize neuropathy. So far I've been lucky and I haven't had any neuropathy.  I've read that APA  might reduce the effectiveness of velcade, which is one of my chemo drugs.  Berenson said that it's been proven in research trials, but not in patients.  To be safe though, the days I have velcade I don't take Alpha Lipoic Acid.

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