Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Day in the Life

I've written this before...I'm in a pretty good routine.  I had a little worry last week about the myeloma, but I got the thumbs up from my doctors, so we continue on the same maintenance program.  Every other Thursday afternoon I do my infusion at Phan's office.  Maintenance chemo is velcade and dex.  During a 15 day chemo cycle (which includes two treatments), I also take revlimid at home.

Today is Tuesday. Thursday is chemo. The start of a new maintenance cycle. Today I felt pretty good. Rode to work, which is more often the case than not how I get to work.  I had 2 and a half meeting with the Port's senior management and some other folks involved in the bridge project I'm working on. Today's meeting was about budget increases and folks trying to wrap their heads around how the budget got to where it is.  Not only was the meeting long, it was intense. It had its ups and downs. Everyone was on edge. I was right in the middle of it. On one hand I really like the back and forth. But on the other hand I feel like I'm being launched under a bus. Before the meeting I had a little talk with myself. I reminded myself that I know more about subject than anyone else. I also said to be clear, concise and accurate. I sometimes imagine a scenario where I bring my cancer into the discussion. I never do, but oddly I imagine situations where things get heated, and I have to remind people that I"m working while doing chemo to remind them of my dedication and need to do the job right. Things never get to this point

By the time the meeting ended, I was spent, tuckered out. It took a lot of energy to stay focused and calm. I ate lunch, had a follow up meeting with my boss, and started working on a presentation.

Worked ended and I rode home with two friends from work. Before I was diagnosed, I had the toughest time getting a deep breath when on the bike. It's how I knew something was wrong me. When I ride home now, I take a route that requires me to work. I test myself to see if I get that same out of breath feeling. I don't. Everything is good.

Once home, I fed and walked Gracie.  Gracie likes people and she'll take any chance she gets to get attention from a random person on the street.  We have an older lady who lives maybe 5 houses from us. I think she's well over 80 years old.   She walks all the time. She is quick witted.

When we first moved in to house, I think maybe we were in the house for a month. We were  in the front yard and this neighbor lady introduced herself to us. She then asked if I was from New York, because I look like a New Yorker.  I'm pretty sure this was code for "hey you're Jewish". I'm not religious but do I identify myself as Jewish based on the cultural part of it.  I know a good deli from bad.  I like black and white cookies.

Since that awkward first meeting, Leslie and I have aways been wary about this lady. Something about her bothers both of us.  Today when I walked Gracie to the sidewalk in front of our house, I saw the neighbor lady talking with another neighbor, just two houses away.  I made Gracie do a 180 and we went the other way, I don't even like casual greetings with this woman. Well, the woman saw us and yelled for Gracie. I had Gracie ignore this and keep walking. Gracie kept turning around and looking back to see if the neighbor lady was there. Gracie likes anybody and this woman is no different in that regard. I really really did not want to talk to the woman, so I made Gracie walk fast and skip a couple of her favorite pee spots.

After the walk, Leslie and I went to Matt and Rich's house for bbq and hanging out. Now I'm home and need to sleep. It's late and a work night, plus I'm more a morning person

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