Thursday, August 15, 2013

Monkeys Out, Goats In

On my animal heirarchy, dogs are number 1. That's a given and will never change.  Number 2 for some time has been monkeys. However, move over monkeys, the goats are taking over.  In Woodstock, we went to the Woodstock Farms Animal Sanctuary . It's an organization that rescues at risk, injured or abused farm animals. The animals get to live worry free on this amazing spot. Visitors and volunteers are welcome. When you meet the animals, you really begin to question yourself about being a meat eater. It's hard to eat a cow after you look eye to eye with one. Anyhow, I came face to face, eye to eye with a number of goats. They are so cool. They follow you, nudge you, acknowledge you. Pretty cool animals. And because of this, I'm moving goats to number 2, displacing monkeys.   Below are some photos from our visit.

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