Monday, July 1, 2013

Tomorrow is July 2

Tomorrow is the 2nd. That means it is anniversary time. Two years and two months since diagnosis.  26 months since May 2, 2011.

Feeling great.  My latest labs were good. White blood cell count is normal. Hemoglobin low, which is surprising. Usually I can tell when it is particularly low. Not this time.  So I do need procrit this week.  Creatinin is 3.64. A nice number. But I still want it lower. I have added some things back into my diet and it is nice to see that the kidneys are handling it.   Wednesday is chemo so I'll be celebrating the 4th on a steroid high.

I didn't ride to work today, my streak of 4 days in a row has been broken. I was just too damn tired this morning. I let myself go yesterday and had a couple of stiff drinks. I felt like having a vent and blowing off steam, so I went to a friends and got a little buzzed. Perhaps a lot buzzed. Thus this morning, tired and headache. That was my first hard alcohol in well over two years. I have had a beer now and again. But I dove in to the deep end of drinks with those couple I had. Today, I was pissed at myself. I talk about my need to be diligent and focused.  But I got away from that yesterday. Obviously I lost focus. But I'm also mad that I have to even think about it. I can't even have a cocktail without worrying about what it means to my cancer. Damn myeloma, you have so messed things up.

Speaking of deep ends, on Saturday we did go to a friend of Leslie's for a bbq. The house has a pool, a salt water pool, and it was so nice. The water and me have become best friends forever since my diagnosis. I just looks and feels so freeing and so spectacular.

Tomorrow I do ride to work. Focus.

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  1. Matt - yesterday I had BWW and a beer after Victors game. I was up all night sick. Guess it didn't mix with the chemo so well! I have been so good about what I put into my body as well. Stay vigilant. I hate it but the alternative is worse. It's amazing how parallel our experiences run.


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