Friday, June 21, 2013

Don Baylor

When I was first diagnosed, I scoured the internet for stories of people who have managed their myeloma and lived long, productive lives.  One of the first people I read about was Don Baylor. He was American League MVP for the Angels in 1979 and manager of the year for the Rockies in 1995. He is also a myeloma survivor, diagnosed in 2003.  Well, yesterday I hosted a Cure Talk panel discussion on stress and myeloma.  Don Baylor was one of the participants and he was awesome. His drive and focus  were motivating and inspiring.  He is now absolutely a role model for me as I continue on my journey.  Also on the call were Dr Berenson, my doctor, and Pat Killingsworth, a myeloma survivor, diagnosed in 2008, and author.  It was a great hour of conversation and worth listening to.

Here's the link to the blogcast.

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  1. Matt, I listened to Cure Talk yesterday and discovered your blog. Good job, btw. My story is similar to yours. I was 49 and diagnosed in Oct. 2011 after discovering kidney failure. Only my kidneys were at 8% and have not recovered. I do dialysis at home every night. I did have a SCT in Mar. 2012 and am doing well. M-spike is staying at .2, and I do not do any maintenance chemo. Hope to continue like this and be able to get a kidney transplant one day. I've enjoyed reading your blog, esp. since we are same age, similar dx. Keep writing and fighting!


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