Friday, June 7, 2013

3 AM Awake and Hungry

Thursday was maintenance chemo. Day 15. Wrapped up another cycle. I've been up since 3 am thanks to the dex (steroid). I'm now wide awake and fricking hungry. Just had a glass of dry cereal. I love dry cereal out of a glass. If it's a good cereal, I literally could eat the whole box in one sitting. I'm not going to, but I could if needed to.

We talked with Dr Phan. Again not a lot of cancer talk. My numbers look good. Holding steady. I love seeing Dr Phan's smile when he talks about how happy he is when he has patients doing well.  He is 100% invested into his patients. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we are so amazingly fortunate to have him as my primary oncologist. I've thought recently about little decisions we made early on, that didn't seem like much at a time, but have turned out to be significant in terms of my recovery. So far, so good. I've got another 30 years ahead of continuing to make the right decisions.  (Note, something else I've said before and I'll say again (I told Leslie this today) I don't like food servers with oddly placed piercings. Nose, lips, eye brows, etc, etc. It really bothers me and makes me a little queasy. Not what you want from someone you are getting food from. I'm pretty open about a lot of stuff, but I think I'm getting older and a bit more particular about certain things. Today we tried a new place for food and the server had a spike in her lower lip. Nasty)

Back to the topic at hand.  I did have low pressure today however. Typically I'm right on target. But today I was around 87 over 50. Low. No dizziness or anything.  I started taking, at the kidney doctor's recommendation, a new medicine called Losartan. It's a blood pressure medication, but also serves to protect kidneys from scarring.  Curious that I only started it recently. My kidney damage and scarring has already happened. Phan and Berenson are neutral on this med, but Levine thinks it might have some benefit. However Phan now thinks the low blood pressure med could be due to the Losartan. I'm not scheduled to see the kidney doc for a couple of months, so we'll give him a call to see if perhaps I need to drop the med. Again, I don't feel like I have low blood pressure, but the readings say I do. Maybe I'm simply super calm.

Sunday is my monthly pee collection day. Then next week is monthly Dr Berenson. Next week is also dentist, time for a cleaning. I can't forget about my teeth. I do worry that all the medicines I take are giving me bad breath. So I need to make sure I keep the mouth clean. I do ask certain people if I have bad breath. So far folks say I am ok. Are you curious about another two pet peeves I have? Bad breath and body odor. I also worry that I stink at times, again from the crazy meds I take. I worry that my body is expelling the toxins through my pores and they smell. Again, I'll ask people who I know won't lie to me, and they say I don't stink. Phew.  I remember as a kid, I'd wear the same pair of shoes day after day. And I'd have the worst smelling feet. I mean really bad. In college once, I went to a female friend's apartment, I was petrified to take my shoes off, I knew my feet stunk from a lor of walking around on a hot day. Eventually I awkwardly left her apartment, to avoid exposing my feet. Not a smooth move. Welcome to my mind. Now that I'm older, wiser, etc, I've learned to mix up my shoe choice and always wear clean socks. Slow learned? Perhaps.

All is well.

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