Friday, March 2, 2012


10 months. Today is the 10th month anniversary of my diagnosis. But right now is also about a year ago that I started to feel bad. Fatigue, fevers, cold sweats, etc, etc. I thought of this today, because I met Matt and Fred for lunch at a newish specialty hot dog place.  Hot dogs=yum.  It was also about a year and a half ago that I actually gave up eating meat. I ate fish, but no beef, pork or chicken for about 5 months.  A year ago, when I started to feel fatigued, I thought it might be because I wasn't getting enough protein. I was eating beans and nuts trying to get enough protein into my system. I was riding my bike to work every day...about 10 miles each way....and thought I might be depriving myself of needed fuel i.e. protein.  I was getting winded, tired and super slow...which told me something was not right with me.

Then I got my diagnosis and was told to eat lots of protein, that protein was an important aspect of fighting cancer. However with my jacked up kidneys, I couldn't and still can't eat beans, nuts, dairy...all protein sources. So I had to add meat back to my diet. And now after having a couple of massive hot dogs for lunch, I've clearly made my way all the way back to carnivorism. My reasons for cutting out meat had to do with what I saw as a cruel process in the farming and killing of animals.  So while enjoying hot dogs and steaks and the like, I do feel a little bad. Sorry cows, but I gotta eat.  My kidneys are slowly getting better. So perhaps I can alter my diet a bit in the near future.

I wrapped up another cycle of chemo today. I'll start up again on March 20. Today I watched Horton Hears a Who, and talked to Dr Phan about his new Nissan Leaf and is way better than talking to Dr Phan about my cancer. Cancer is on the back burner of topics.

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  1. I love that story "Horton Hears A Who"! Great news about Destiny! We're so proud of her. Congradulations on your trip, getting out and flying. Whew Who!!! Love, sis


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