Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gray Area

Hey folks, not a whole lot to report. I'm on a break from chemo and been working this week. I have been doing acupuncture.  And I'd say the combo of improved cancer, no chemo, and acupuncture are leaving me feeling pretty energetic. But that's the gray area that I need to watch out for. Just because I have energy doesn't mean I can start working all day and acting like nothing is wrong.  I still need to make myself leave work. And just because I have energy doesn't mean I can start working out or riding my bike like I used to.  I do still get tired. I used to be a real morning person, I'd wake up, take Gracie for a walk, ride my bike to work, etc, etc. All with no problems. Now, in the morning I still get up early, but it takes me a while to get moving and motivated. And often, I crawl back into bed and catch an extra half hour of sleep. I still take my naps and once it hits 8 pm, I am pooped.

I've got a couple of minor aches and pains, which I think is from walking in to stuff. Clumsiness and bruising easily is a bad mix. Lots of bruises.  And of course, in my head when I have an ache, I worry about my bones and if they are impacted.

No procrit shot this week because red blood cell count is hanging around 11.

And that's it. Like I said, I'm in a sort of gray area. Feeling better, but still have things to do to get better.Chemo starts up again in a week and a half.

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