Tuesday, January 24, 2012


5.94. That's my creatinin today. Creatinin is a measure of kidney function and cancer intensity, if you will. A healthy person with healthy kidneys should have a creatinin number under 1. Over 5 is considered kidney failure.  I was once over 8, but the kidneys were still working. When I was over 8 and in the 7s, dialysis was mentioned. Zoller, the kidney diggity doctor, actually wanted me to start dialysis. But I put it off. Now I'm 5.94 which is awesome, I haven't been that low for many months. It means that my kidneys are improving and aren't necessarily permanently damaged from the cancer. 5.94 also means that my cancer continues to lessen. Can I get an "awesome" to that?

Today was chemo and an appointment with Phan. He considered delaying my chemo for a few days since my blood count and platelets are low, which comes with the myeloma territory. He wanted me to get a transfusion first and then do chemo.  I haven't had a transfusion in months..a long ass time... and this is also a good sign that says I am improving.  But Phan compromised and I did chemo today ( I don't like my schedule getting thrown off) and tomorrow I get a transfusion. I'll get two unit of O positive blood.  Anyone who can, should donate blood. You're saving a life. I've had almost 20 units of blood transfusions Donate....that's my request.

Boy, that 7 straight days of work and no appointment is a distant memory.  This week is definitely back at it. Monday was a nutritionist appointment and acupuncture.  Acupuncture was relaxing and can only help with my healing process. Today was chemo. Tomorrow is blood transfusion. Thursday is lab work to check my platelets and blood count..but I'll be able to go to work. And Friday is more chemo.  Whew!

But I'm feeling real good and real happy with my progress. I'm more energetic and more productive.  Phan does want me to be careful and perhaps avoid swimming when my platelets and white blood cell counts are low. I'm just too susceptible to catching something when they are low. That's too bad.

I'm a little loopy right now. With chemo, I get big dose of benadryl and it's a real kick. Makes me sleepy and loopy.

But to summarize....we're getting there....getting better. Awesome.


  1. Triple awesome!!! Everthing is looking better. I love you Mat, keep up the fight. Luv sis


Berenson Oncology Success Rate

 Some reading about my myeloma specialist's success rate. A press release and an article from Targeted Oncology.