Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ho hum week

Twas an uneventful week. I worked all 5 days....that's a first since I caught the cancer. Saw the cancer coach who said to not work too much...that my energy should be focused on getting better and not expended at work. She also recommended I try with healing and relaxation. Dr Phan, though, not thrilled about the exposes me to risk of infection during a time when my white blood count is low from chemo and I am susceptible to infections. Speaking of white blood count, I got a shot to help with that and for the next 5 days will be administering the shot at home (probably team and Leslie). Shots at home...a first...but not a big deal.

My 50th is sunday. At work this week, my smaller work group had a lunch for me. Had cake with the larger group. It was pretty darn nice of everyone. Leslie has a mystery day trip planned today and Sunday is a bbq with friends and family.

So, as the post's subject indicated, it has been a ho hum week....and that is great.

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  1. When Ho Hum becomes good, that's when things are crazy..... happy birthday Sunday --- may AP score 3 touchdowns and send your blond braids into a tizzy.

    I called in the favor and he said he will go 24 carries, 148 yards, 3 touchdowns for you, and to really watch him on the 2nd TD.... he said he's going to bring his hands to his chest with each hand making a sort of mirror image "C"s with fingers touching.... he said he thought that would represent a bar of gold, which is for Goldman.

    I said it sounded like he had put a lot of thought into it. He said not really, because last week he made a peace sign when he scored, but it was really the number 2, which was for a guy in Texas that he knew from middle school.... they had met in 2nd period. Go figure.

    Glad you made it to work all week.... that sounds like a huge step.


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