Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reason # 38 for the downfall of the traditional daily newspaper

# 38 The local delivery lady

Up until about 3 years ago, I was a lifetime subscriber to the LA Times.  Just like with books or magazines, it's nice to have that tangible paper in your hand. Eventually though the paper became an outdated way to get the news and the writing just isn't what it used to be.

But the biggest problem is my local delivery lady. Every damn morning, while walking Gracie, I see her hauling ass through the neighborhood. She doesn't stop at stop signs, goes about 45 on residential streets and totally ignores the fact that there other cars on the road. More than a couple of times, Gracie and I had to stop ourselves from crossing the street to avoid getting mowed down by her. She has also grazed our feet a couple of times with her paper toss. She refuses to look at me...which makes no sense, given I've taken to flipping her off and yelling at her. I've become that neighborhood grouch who yells at people that aren't obeying the rules.  But I don't care, she really is a hazard. And she's not a good representative for whatever paper she is delivering. Argh...maddening.

Otherwise, I feel pretty good today. I slept good, again no night sweats following chemo. So seems like something is happening. I just need that lab work to reflect how I feel. Transfusion today. Energy!


  1. Your grouchiness makes me happy. It sounds like good old healthy Matt.

  2. Damn hoodlums! ha! That's so funny because I too have found myself being overly grouchy towards people who don't obey the law and to people who blow cigarette smoke in my face on a daily basis. I'm about ready to rip one out of their mouths and stomp on it!!
    We're so similar, Unc! It's great

  3. I second what Teresa wrote. I really look forward to you becoming a bitter OLD man.


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  5. OMG you are too funny! Hey I think your newspaper delivery lady is related to Vincent! LMAO!!!!!!

  6. stick with the paper -- the people at the mac store are pricks too


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