Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anxiety and Impatience on the Upswing

Thursday I had a transfusion, my 5th one since early May. I didn't get the immediate energy boost that I usually do. Although my labs showed my blood count went up.

The lab work also shows my kidneys worsening. What the fuck? Dr Phan has some ideas what to do, with the goal being to avoid dialysis. Amen to that goal. But Phan isn't a kidney doctor. My kidney doctor never called us this whole week and it turns out he is on vacation. Fuck you. Leslie made some calls and hopefully by Monday, we'll have an appointment with a new kidney doc.

Monday also is a consultation with a myeloma specialist, James Berenson.  He has already consulted with Phan and has some ideas about super sizing my chemo mix. Let's do it. I'm still tired all the time, but otherwise feel the same. Well, physically I feel the same. Mentally I am more paranoid, more worried, and more impatient. I'm real fun to be around.

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