Sunday, May 22, 2011

Port-a-cath and X-rays

On Weds, May 4, it was back to the hospital for a couple of out patient procedures. First, I had a port-a-cath inserted just below my collarbone.  The port is used for IVs, it's a much more efficient way to administer chemo and saves the veins in arms from being abused.  I also had a whole bunch of x-rays. One of the side effects of multiple myeloma is that it weakens the bones and a lot of people suffer from broken bones. So I had pictures taken of every bone in my body. Waiting for the x-rays, the whole thing started to hit me. This shit is real.  Luckily my bones look good (that's what she said).and I don't have damage.

Here's what the port-a-cath looks like:

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