Saturday, May 21, 2011

I should have stretched

On May 2, 2011 I was diagnosed with having Multiple Myeloma. My girlfriend Leslie and my mom were with me when I got the diagnosis. It's a bone marrow cancer that severely impacts my body's ability to produce blood. I'd been real fatigued for about 3 months and tests after tests came up with nothing. Finally I was hospitalized for a blood transfusion, and a bone marrow biopsy identified the problem.

The typical patient for this type of cancer is someone over 65 years and an African American, of which I am neither. I'm 49 and Jewish.

How did I get this cancer? We might never know. But in thinking about things, I wonder if my years of never stretching had something to do with it. All my life I've been pretty active...running, cycling, hking, gym, etc, etc. But I've never been a stretcher. Friends told me it would catch up to me. When I'd go to the gym with my friend Jenni, she'd stretch and I'd just stand there and tell her that Jews don't stretch. My nephew Dillon stretches several times a day and believes that is a real key to good health. Well, for him, good heath is stretching, trigger points, and coconut oil. He was actually visiting when I first started feeling weak. We just assumed I was getting old and out of shape.

People weren't kidding when they said it would catch up to me. I should have listened. Anyhow, this blog is the story of my adventure of battling the disesase. I have already started chemotherapy. And my calves are already smaller from the lack of physical activity. But I am about to start working out again. Doctor says I can do as much as my energy allows me to do. I'm also continuing to work part time.

It's going to be quite a ride.


  1. Uncle,

    This is pretty hilarious. Don't get down on yourself. You can begin a stretching routine anytime. Remember: just start small.

  2. Hello Uncle Matt,
    Been reading through your blog since I just recently found out what you are going through. I was going to call but was told to go to your blog in stead. I am rooting for you and remember if you need cheering up just play gangsta's paradise by coolio. When I was a kid you always listened to that song when i was in the car with you. I think it was the first cd that I ever owned and i belive it was a gift from you. I still have it. The things we hold on to. Jack and I love you and are pulling for you.



  3. Jews stretch..... the truth.


    Mom: "come over here and give me a hug... it's been forever since you came to visit. You can't come and see me anymore?"

    Son: "I was here 3 days ago."


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