Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Some Updates

 It's no secret I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan. My fandom started in the late 60s. From 1969 to 1975, the Vikings were in 4 Super Bowls. Zero victories, nonetheless, those were great teams. Their head coach for those years and into the early 80s was Bud Grant. A childhood friend, Chris, texted me the other day to say that Bud Grant had died. As I told Chris, those teams and those years certainly played a role in forming who I am to this day. A little known fact is that one of my favorite presidents is U.S. Grant. Why you ask? Because as a kid, I connected one Grant (Bud) with the other Grant (US), and a top president was chosen. Also note that my all-time favorite senator and near president is the late Hubert Humphrey. He was a US senator from Minnesota and came close to winning the presidency in 1968. As a kid, my Vikings fandom translated to me loving anything from Minnesota. Hence Humphrey. One last side note, another favorite president is Harry Truman. The reason for that is a song called Harry Truman by the band Chicago, which was one of my favorite bands growing up (and to this day). 

Rest in Peace Coach Grant

Another recent passing is Dick Fosbury. He revolutionized the high jump by creating the Fosbury Flop in 1967/68. Before Fosbury, high jumpers used a scissor method of crossing the bar. People thought he was nuts, but his success led to the flop now being the only method used by high jumpers. I love track and field and wished I had been either a high jumper or 800 meter runner. Note here that I have a screenplay called Buy the Vikings. I'm now working on When the Chips are Down. And when that screenplay is done, my plan is to write The Flop, about Dick Fosbury and the Fosbury Flop.

Rest in Peace Dick Fosbury.

In myeloma news, my numbers remain stable. The only change is one that I am pondering. I've had Dr Phan since I was diagnosed. He's been great; attentive and caring. My system currently is Berenson comes up with my protocol and even when things are stable, I see him every two or three months. For me, he's in valuable. But I've relied on Phan when I need to discuss myeloma or my overall health. He's basically functioned as my primary care doctor. I do my treatment at his clinic and I have a relationship with his staff. But...his practice has grown. Getting personal care and attention is no more. His turnover of nurses is a bit frustrating as a patient. I'll cut to the chase and say that I'm thinking of switching to a different doctor or facility for my local care and myeloma treatment. It pains me to say it, but it is something I am seriously thinking. I'm keeping Berenson and my other team of doctors. I've thought about doing my monthly treatment at Berenson's. But it's about 30 miles away and with traffic can take up to two hours to get home from there. The thought of sitting in traffic for 2 hours after treatment sounds terrible. I've got a couple of nearby places that we'll probably go see (interview) in the near future. We'll see. Note that I also have to go to Phan's for my monthly blood draw from my port and whether another facility will do that, would be part of the interview process. Oh and also, will another facility/doctor be ok implementing a treatment regimen that a different doctor (Berenson) comes up with? Lots to ponder.

And lastly, my back basically sucks. I'm not even walking given I don't want the additional pain that arises after 15 or 20 minutes. What to do about my back is also something I'm pondering. I gotta get in to see my back doctor, who happens to be married to my dermatologist and they make up the loveliest power couple I know.  

And that is all I got. Stay healthy and safe. 

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  1. I know the feeling about changing drs. My local dr has been my guy since I was dx'd in 2011. He is not a myeloma guy, but the rapport we have is invaluable. So I see my specialist in AZ once a year, if things are going good. And my local guy goes along with it. It's easy right now, because I am coasting along on DaraFaspro once a month. When things start to get tricky, I may need to start seeing one of the other drs here who handle most of the myeloma patients. We shall see. Hope you back issues get better. That has to suck. And RIP Bud Grant. He was a good coach.


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