Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year and oh by the way, Vikings are 12-3

 Hello friends. It's me, Matt. It's been a minute since I've posted. But I did want to say Happy New Year and good riddance to 2022. 2022 has been a challenging year for my family. But we survived and powered through it. For me personally, health-wise, I'm good. Myeloma remains stable. 6 years on Darzalex and Pomalyst. We've lowered my dex quite a bit and that's helped a lot with my mental state and my skin seems a bit better. Of course, I've gotten good at protecting my arms. Bruising and bleeding on everything got to be no fun. My back has been a pain in the butt, I've definitely had to modify how I exercise. Long walks are out and that's probably a permanent change. Coming up in January, I'm seeing a pain specialist to hopefully get a shot in my lower back to at least give me some relief. But! It's way better than it had been. I baby it and it hangs in there.

recent visit from a Red Shouldered Hawk in our back yard

Yesterday was my monthly Darzalex infusion. I've switched to FasPro and it's been a game changer. 1 hour in the infusion chair versus the  previous time of 5 or 6 hours. I just couldn't sit there for that long any more. 

My immune system remains balky. I got another dose of Evusheld in October to give me some protection against covid. We'll get to Berenson in January and test my antibodies. We still remain safe and careful. But, getting into the myeloma weeds here, my IGG this month was way too low this month. This means my overall immune system is low and I need to be careful with any virus or infection. I wanted to get an  IVIG infusion yesterday with my Darzalex but Phan has a theory that IVIG (an infusion of immunoglobins) might counteract the Darazalex. In talking to him he went into the half life of IVIG and so on and so on. But I've gotten IVIG in the past and I'm going to tell him I want it. My disease is stable and now is a good time to get. As he said, it's my choice and he wouldn't fight it, if I wanted it. 

I finally found a therapist who is doing the trick for me. It took a while, but it's helping me with frustration, anger, depression and control. Overall though, I'm happy and honestly shocked that I'm still alive and doing as well as I am. It seems impossible, but obs, it's not impossible. In May of 2023, it'll be 12 years since the diagnosis. 

thank goodness Leslie can fix most anything

And now let's talk about the Vikings. At the start of the season, I assumed it was a rebuilding year. But they keep winning in miraculous fashion. Almost every game is remarkable. 2 games remain in the regular season and then we get to the playoffs. Is it Destiny? Is it fate? I'm trying to temper my excitement. We've been through this before, many times. But this has to be one of my favorite Vikings teams ever. Justin Jefferson is an amazing receiver. I've come around 180 degrees on Kirk Cousins. Leading into this year, I wasn't happy with him as the Vikings quarterback. But now he seems like the perfect leader for this team. The entire culture and mindset of the team has changed thanks to their new head coach, who's 37 years, a young age for a head coach. But it was needed for this team. Skol Vikings!!!

Decades and counting. is this the year?

New years will be low ley for Leslie and me. I'll be worn out over the holiday weekend, given my Friday treatment. But that's cool. 

And don't forget to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They provide multiple levels of support for all blood cancer patients. 

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