Tuesday, February 15, 2022

International Myeloma Foundation and Yelak Biru

 Yelak was one of the first patients I met when I was diagnosed. He was very young when diagnosed and when I met him he was in his 14th year of living with myeloma. I remember (and he remembers) asking him how the heck he had lived with the uncertainty for so many years. It was unfathomable to me at the time. He said that at some point you just accept it. You don't forget you have myeloma, but you carry on and aren't always in a panicked state. I'm paraphrasing. Anyhow, he's now at 25 years and is the head of the International Myeloma Foundation and I'm rapidly closing in on 11 years, and Yelak was right on. 

He's the best possible choice to run the organization and here's a video of Yelak talking about his goals at the IMF.

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