Monday, February 8, 2021

Memories in the Countdown to Ten Years

This photo was taken in February 2011. I was on a memorial bike ride in honor of a Long Beach resident who was instrumental in promoting bike paths in the city. I worked with him on a number of projects. The ride's completion was at the top of a bridge in the port that was slated for replacement. The new bridge would include a bike path and a scenic overlook. I took many people on bike tours to the top of the existing bridge and around the port. I also rode my bike to work every day, ten miles each way. My daily bike commute began to get a bit more challenging early in 2011. It began getting difficult to catch my breath and I didn't have my usual burst at the end of my ride. I just thought I was getting older and out of shape. But on this memorial ride, I couldn't even make it to the top of the bridge that I'd ridden dozens of times. A local professional rider had to push me to the top.

Soon after this ride I went to my primary care doctor and the adventure began, including an April hospitalization for anemia and failing kidneys and eventually my May 2, 2011 myeloma diagnosis.

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