Friday, December 18, 2020

A Pandemic Chanukah

Before I get to the good stuff, an update. Berenson did a bone marrow biopsy last week. He called with the results just as Leslie and I were lighting night one Chanukah candles. The timing was serendipitous, perhaps even miraculous, much like Chanukah. Turns out I am in complete response. No detectable myeloma in my marrow. For context when I was diagnosed nearly 10 years ago, my marrow was 70% myeloma. It's an understatement to say this is huge news. This is the best condition I've been in since diagnosis. 4 years on darzalex and pomalyst are still doing the trick. Having said this, I still have to do my usual treatment; monthly infusion plus daily chemo pill. That's the nature of myeloma. It's hiding somewhere at a cellular level. The goal, therefore, is to keep the current regimen working as long as possible.To cap it, though, I feel great.

Also of note, in May 2021, it will be ten years since that fateful day. It'll be a big celebration no doubt and I'm planning to raise some money for the Institute of Myeloma and Blood Cancer Research, which has been instrumental in me being alive and kicking. More on this in coming weeks.

With that out of the way, on to the important stuff.. For most of my adult life, I've lit the menorah for Chanukah, but not really knowing why other than it's tradition. Last year I made my own menorah. This year, I made a new menorah and since we're on lockdown here, we decided to do a deep dive into Chanukah, family history and tradition. It became a virtual family celebration and was special beyond words. With that, here are some photos from the past 8 days. 

Matzo Ball Soup Prep

Deep Fried Pickle Latkes

Regular and Deep Fried Pickle Latkes

Custom Menorah

Night 1

Remnants of night 8

My Great Grandfather Papa Jake, circa 1934 in New York

My Great Great Grandfather, Shopsa, circa 1880 in Poland

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  1. Loooove this blog Matt! Soooo so happy for your myeloma status. Truly a "miracle". Amazing you and Dr B found the major bullet for you, to continue to pummel your type Myeloma. Truly amazing. You mention Darza, Pom, but not the steroids. I thought you were doing those too. I'm just so facinated with works and what doesn't and what our Drs suggest and do, and what works on our specific type of MM!
    Sweet that you are well enough to get back to your "roots", get creative with the Menorah and Hanukkah foods. I love your pictures too! I am so very happy you are doing so well! Keep it up, and one of these days when you drive North for appts, we can meet up! xoxo Julie


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