Friday, March 6, 2020

A Discussion of Selinexor with Patient Power and Dr Berenson

Selinexor is one of the latest and greatest myeloma drugs. From what I've heard, it comes with some horrible G.I. issues and for many patients is the last hope drug. At my last visit with Berenson, we asked him about it and he said the first month is terrible but after that it's not so bad and that it is a good drug. Having said this, here is an interview he did with Patient Power on this very topic.

Also of note, I've discussed Selinexor with a couple of myeloma friends and we all said "hell no"  we wouldn't take it. Quality of life sounds horrible. But who knows, perhaps at some point I'd reconsider. Also of note #2, I view dialysis the same way. It's one of those lines in the sand I won't cross. But fingers crossed, I never have to make that decision. Go Darzalex!!!

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