Saturday, October 5, 2019

Breaking Bad

Super excited for October 11. The Breaking Bad movie is out. Breaking Bad is the best show.....ever. Leslie and I did a Breaking Bad tour a few years back, visiting all the main sites in Albuquerque.  Also of note with  Breaking Bad, it's the first show that I binged immediately after being diagnosed. This might sound weird but I was initially drawn in by the concept of a cancer patient doing whatever they have to do to make things work. There's so much to this, that I can't even fully describe.

I'm rewatching it this week in preparation for the movie.  In episode 2, there is a mention of Thalidomide.  This meant nothing to me when I first watched it. Who knew that just a few months after my initial viewing that we'd be trying Thalidomide, hoping that it was a drug that would work on my myeloma.  It didn't.  And it was a bit of a scary medicine. In the 60s it was used to ease some of the difficulties of pregnancy. However, it lead to birth defects and was banned.  However and who knows how, someone discovered that it worked in controlling multiple myeloma in some people.  So we tried it. It comes in a capsule and directions say to only handle with gloves on. So even though I was ingesting it, I couldn't touch it. Curious, eh. It's mentioned in Breaking Bad as an example of a chemical product that can have duel uses and outcomes.

Also back in the viewing rotation is the new season of the Good Place.  On one hand it's hilarious and on the other hand, it's about folks figuring out what kind of life they led.  Funny and meaningful. I love it.

Meanwhile my back continues to improve. Physical therapy has been a huge help. After four weeks of PT, I was told the other day that I was calling my therapist the wrong name. He reminds me of a friend and I was worried that I'd call my therapist my friend's name, so when I started PT I made sure to remember his actual name and call him that name as much as possible.  The problem is I thought his actual name was Andy. It wasn't until the other day that I learned it's Tony. Oh snap, that left me two choices. 1...never go back to PT to avoid the embarrassment or 2....apologize to Tony. I choose number 2. So when I saw him yesterday I apologized and told how embarrassed I was. His response..."oh, I never really noticed. Well, once I thought you called me Andy but otherwise hadn't noticed." Um...ok. Well I dealt with it and I can keep going to PT. I actually only have two weeks left, then I reconnect with the back doctor.  In the past week, I've made huge progress.  Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lastly, I have to say that this season's version of the Vikings has the potential to be my least favorite version ever.  They are absolutely horrible with an absolutely horrible quarterback.  So sad.

Oh and truly lastly, I am excited to announce that I have learned to poorly play the right hand part of Old Susanna on the keyboard. Success!

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  1. two things: 1. I love the Good Place, too. Binge-watched it on Netflix, now watching the final season. 2. Redskins are worse than the Vikings, if that makes you feel better.


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