Monday, October 8, 2018

Crash, UPS, Anticipation, Dammit

Friday was my monthly infusion. With darzalex I get the steroid dex and then Saturday and Sunday I take another steroid, Medrol. We've played with and lowered my steroid dosage over the years because the crash (physical and emotional) sucks. Nonetheless, Mondays after infusion inevitably have me feeling down. This morning I was feeling particularly not thrilled. And it hit me, that I've been out of my antidepressants for almost a week. I think the combo of steroid crash with fluoxetine absence made today pretty sucky.

Mondays are the day I go to the LLS office for volunteer time on their First Connection program. (for those newly diagnosed and looking to speak with a peer with myeloma (or another blood cancer) this is a wonderful program). I almost didn't go the office today. Fortunately traffic was light with the holiday and I was not pushed to the edge by the local freeways.  The executive director at this LLS office is a fellow myeloma survivor who happens to be getting married in a few days. So the office had a congratulations party for her today. I tried my best to avoid these activities when I worked full time and now that I don't work I really try to not do anything that seems too office or work like.

I came home from the LLS and took a nap. And then...UPS rang the doorbell. I had a delivery. Yes! Could it be a birthday gift? Well, that would turn things around. Nearly 8 years into myeloma, I'm damn sure going to acknowledge and celebrate a birthday. 57, inching towards 60. (Any reason to celebrate should be celebrated was what the LLS executive said today during her party (very valid point)).

Opened the box and what is it...not a gift, but it is my fluoxetine and another prescription. I definitely like the mail order prescriptions but sometimes delivery takes a little longer than it should. I probably ought to enroll in auto refills and then I might not have to worry about running out of any of meds. hmmm, I'll add this to my to do list.

Also with the holiday, there is no normal mail delivery today. Tomorrow, tomorrow, is just a day away.

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  1. Hi Matt! Just read your article on FB, Blood Cancer site. Great job! I noticed they have your Dx date as May 2, 2001?? Is that correct??
    Anyway, hope you are feeling better, and tell me more about taking both Dex and Medrol? Never heard of taking steroids like that. How much Dex do you get on Darza days? I take 20mg or 40mg Dex on infusion days (now with Velcade, as I became Refractory to that cocktail recently). I've had a lot of bone, lesion, tumor, nerve, muscle, etc... not sure which one lol... pain, so I reduced the 40mg Dex to 20mg, as later in the week, I would take 4mg at night to relieve the intense pain. Not a normal protocol, so that's why I'm curious about your Dex then Medrol protocol.
    Take care, and feel better. I'm still shocked at my Dx almost 9 years later, and I too always mark my annual survival anniversary on my blog! It's a big deal for us, surviving each year as we have!
    :)) Julie


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