Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Update by the numbers

5 - Hours at my monthly darzalex infusion yesterday. I'm on the monthly schedule and all is good. Numbers are great. I've got a slight cold which is fairly normal for darzalex patients.

15 - In 15 days I'll be at the 6.5 year mark since diagnosis. It's all gravy from this point on.

56 - How old I am now. Hard to believe.

20:18 - Minutes to do a mile on the treadmill on Oct 13

18:55 - Minutes to do a mile on treadmill on Oct. 16

9:00 - Goal for mile. I used to be an avid runner. I gave it up because my body ached too much (pre myeloma) but after a trip to Ocean Beach, San Diego and seeing all the folks running, I'm ready to start up again. I need a goal/target and this is it. I also plan to start riding my bike often. I eventually might get back on a road bike and train for a century. Again, it's important to have goals that serve as motivation.

200 - How much I weigh. This is ridiculous

180 - Weight goal.

2.5 - Months since I retired. It's going great. I feel as good as I have in years. I'm collecting pension. Social security disability kicks in, in January. The LLS had an insurance premium copay assistance program that ended suddenly two weeks ago, right as I working on my application. Funds were depleted. So for now, insurance is out my pocket.

2 - In two years I will qualify for medicare. I'll need to pick up the cost of supplemental costs, but shouldn't be a big deal.


  1. Glad all is going well for you Matt. Congrats again on your retirement and success with Darza! Can't believe all the similarities we have (retirement, Darza, etc). I retired end of June 2017, thank you myeloma. I'm glad you will qualify for the benefits you will. As a retired counselor/teacher, I can't tap into SS disability and early medicare. I now pay out of pocket for my insurance (due to my "young age of 58" lol) So glad all this is working out for you!! Are you going to the LA MMRF marathon on Nov 19? I am, if side effects don't ambush me lol.

  2. Hi, I was diagnosed in February 2015 at only 49: not typical for MM. did my own stem cell transplant in September the same year. Revlimid attach my one good kidney so 3 weeks in the hospital May 2016. Now doing Dara infusions. Cycle 5. So just switching from every week to evert 3 weeks. Seems to be working with little side affects. Thank you for the blog.


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