Saturday, December 31, 2016

Making the Shift

Brief update. Saw Berenson and the kidney doctor the other day. Kidney doctor is happy My creatinine is in mid 2s, best it's been. Potassium and phosphorus looks good, meaning I can still have flexibility in my diet. We reduced one of kidney drugs. And in terms of Kilimanjaro, kidney doc gave me a final thumbs up.

Berenson also very happy. Continued improvement on my myeloma numbers. I can switch from doing darzalex every Friday to now every other Friday. That's huge.  I've been massively tired since starting this regimen. We're going to adjust my pomalyst again to try to minimize the tired. I started at 3 mg per day. Cut it to 2 mg per day. Now this cycle, we've reduced it to 1 mg of pomalyst per day. Fingers crossed it helps.  Berenson also gave a big thumbs up to Kilimanjaro. So despite my concerns about being in good enough shape, it's on. Roughly 6 weeks to go.

Have a happy and safe and healthy new year everyone!!!!

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