Saturday, October 29, 2016

Darzalex day 2.5

Feeling great. Took a couple of laps around the hospy. The deal with Dara is that typically you get one reaction event and that's it. Yesterday I started at 50ml hour. We bumped up to 100 and had the reaction. Back to 50 and no issues. Today we've been increasing by 5 so I am up to 65. But even at this rate it would take forever to finish this thing. We are now taking incremental 10 ml steps.  Dara is rated at 200 and can even go up 400. Here we go. Let's light this candle! (See The Right Stuff)

Leslie checked in with Berenson and Phan. And we have agreement. 

Note Drazalex's formal name is Daratumameb (Dara).

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