Monday, September 26, 2016

And on it goes..

Saw Berenson Friday. He's happy. My kidney function is improving every month. That's a great thing. My myeloma numbers are not as good as they were several months ago, but not to worry says the doctor. Maintenance continues. Tuesday is day 1 of a new cycle. Velcade, dex, revlimid.

I'm still training for Kilimanjaro. I can unequivocally state that it is the hardest thing I have ever trained for. It's not the mountain's fault. It's my body. There's the myeloma, anemia, fatigue and sore joints. I asked Dr B about my achy joints. I haven't had any bone issues from myeloma. He's thinking it could be arthritis that's impacting me. From the bottom moving up...feet, ankles, knees,, hips, hands, elbows and shoulder all ache, almost daily. If you remember the movie North Dallas Forty, Nick Nolte was a an aging football player who struggled with pain every day getting out of pain. That is me. It makes training super difficult. But I'm up for the challenge. No turning back now. Also note that I'm at $9,500 in fund raising. It's not too late to give! Any amount helps.

I will be following up with other doctors, including Phan, on what is up with the aches and pains. Popping pain pills is hopefully not in my future.

I've said it before, myeloma has fast forwarded me into being an 80 year old man. I grunt. I struggle getting in and out of cars that sit too low. I need frequent bathroom breaks. My memory sucks.

But!!  I'll be 55 soon and I'm feeling pretty darn good.

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