Friday, June 17, 2016

Beast Mode for Kilimanjaro

It's an off week from chemo. It's my break between days 1 and 15, if you're interested in schedule. My creatinine this week was 3.22. Tied for the lowest it has been since I was diagnosed. That's fantastic, means the myeloma is under control. Nice results as time passes and my 5 year cancerversary is distant in the rear window.

As much as possible, I've attempted to work out and stay in shape this whole time, even during chemo weeks I try to get some semblance of a work out.  Of late and necessarily, my workouts have been kicked up a notch. Cardio and leg stuff specifically is the focus. And here's where I can tell I am getting older and I have cancer. It's a bear. Gone are the days I can get in shape lickity split. Last weekend was particularly difficult. My bounce back from chemo usually occurs 3-4 days after treatment. I do chemo on Tuesdays. But last weekend, I was  achy and tired the whole time. I tried to do my Kilimanjaro training, but it was super tough. I felt a bit defeated and was wondering why I thought I could do this.

But! This week is totally different. I can tell I'm finally getting stronger and my cardiovascular capabilities are increasing. Now I'm pretty confident I can do this. In 3 weeks, the Kilimanjaro team is going to Colorado for team building and training hikes at high elevation. Kilimanjaro is 19,000 feet. While in Colorado we'll get up to about 14,000 feet. This will definitely be a test for me. I'm always low on blood..ergo less oxygen to keep the muscles moving.  I need to stay in beast mode.

Speaking of Kilimanjaro, I've reached $5,000 in fund raising. Half way to my goal. If you're interested in learning about why I am climbing or if you want to make a donation, simply go to:
Matt's Mt Kilimanjaro Climb for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

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